The project implemented in cooperation with Lodz University of Technology and Navicula Foundation.

Based on observations and experiences of people working with children who suffer from autism, we came up with solutions to a project which would serve as a sensory stimulant in the work of a physiotherapist.

The interior of the sleeve is lined with straps of materials (which can be replaced) of different structure, softness and also colour. After putting a hand in the sleeve, a child can feel textures as well as warmth or coldness. As you move the hand, the inside placed sensors trigger the heating surface or the cold surface. The device is also fitted with an LED tape and a vibrations system. The scale of outgoing stimuli is controlled by a therapist using tablet app.
As a result, the person conducting the therapy may set the value and intensity of transmitted signals, the colour of LEDs and can set up all functions in any sequence. For greater comfort of usage and also for wider availability for each child, the sleeve can be unfolded in two, maintaining the same functions for both halves.
The control system is run by Intel Galileo module, which steers each components responsible for different functions.
Co-authors of the project:
Dominika Rajska, Mieszko Polański, Krzysztof Barzdo, Mateusz Wodziński, Maciej Jarosiński, Łukasz Matusiak, Adrian Kowalik, Szymon Surma, Piotr Belkner
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